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This is my blog dedicated to dirty sluts being fucked with cum all over them or in them. Please let me know if you are the owner of any material here and request anything be removed. Otherwise, cum and get off with me. 25/M here.

Submissions are welcome and I love to chat so send me a message whether you're fan or cumslut!
Yes please

Yes please

Tied up #CCF

Tied up #CCF

More #CumCoveredFucking gold from Sperma Studios… Julie Skyhigh's 17min gangbang starts with immediate #CCF action. Fuck yes.

More German greatness as usual…#CCF starts at just 5:20. I’m giving this one a #best videos tag…

Love the cumshot on her back @21:30 for some reason. Just pile it on her…

A hot Mexican girl with a tramp stamp gets fucked while a few guys drop some loads on her face. #CumCoveredFucking starts @11:30.

A very average looking German mature cumslut gets completely covered and railed in this gangbang… #CumCoveredFucking starts around 5:50.

Amateur looking gangbang with a German teen… #CCF starts @10:20. No cleanup. More loads at 14:20, 16:00, 16:20, 18:20, 20:00, 20:20, and 22:45.. Fuck yeah.

Sorry about the lack of posts lately…I had about 60 videos stored in my “drafts” that no longer seem to work. I had descriptions for most of them but the actual link to the videos has disappeared for some reason. More posts coming soon!

Annette Schwarz is a grade - A German cumslut… In this gangbang the #CumCoveredFucking starts around 5:25min in. She takes a few loads in her mouth and by 7:25 she has so much cum in her mouth and is getting railed from behind so hard that it spills out onto her fucktable. Naturally she licks it up while still getting fucked.

Another highlight at 20:40… getting fucked while standing and drooling a massive load all over her tits. An overall epicly sloppy and filthy gangbang.